A beautiful stranger reached out and touched on the life of Aimee Child Gray who had recently lost her whole home in a deadly California wildfire.

A gorgeous stranger reached out and touched on the life of Aimee Child Gray who'd lately lost her whole house in a mortal California wildfire.

Aimee's daughter was only about to turn 2 when the firestorm struck two weeks prior to Christmas. Soon after the fire, Aimee was hunting on eBay expecting to substitute the mini muffin baking collection she had purchased before the flame --a particular Christmas present she discovered in the local consignment sale for her daughter's Christmas.

"I had been so excited to discover a substitute for the person we dropped and at the comment box into the vendor I wrote her a little note telling her just how much it meant to me to have a replacement following every thing we dropped. Upon getting the miniature cupcake baking collection from her, then I opened the delivery box and was amazed "

"It had been filled with plenty of other things: noodle bags, sprinkles, numerous adorable muffin tin liners, a publication with distinct cupcake recipes and strategies to decorate themAND a crisp $100 bill."

Last week, Aimee's family was finally preparing to move to a new home after the fire. It puts a grin on her head to recall that which'sweet and considerate woman' did.

"I get teary-eyed when I consider her generosity and thoughtfulness," Aimee informed GNN. "So many great things happened to us following the fire with strangers revealing just how much they cared and that which empathy actually means."